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ArCom-IVI founder,

Qt Ambassador,

Qt fan,

MeeGo OBS Navit maintainer (sad for MeeGo have been dumped), Mer IVI contributor

Hopefully Mer will evolve well Mer Project

Wiki Mer Project



and its Qt Ambassador Page Qt Ambassador Showcase


Simon Bolek - Founder of ArCom-IVI, passionate IVI designer and Car-PC user. He graduated with a computer science degree from Munich, Germany. At the beginning of his career, he was a developer of mobile devices, java middleware and SAP interfaces gaining a lot experience and technology overview in C++, Java and ABAP at the same time. Working primarily on integration projects with SAP backend systems, he became a developer lead and IT architect. Since 2008 he has been a freelancer and integration architect in several international projects, mainly in SAP NetWeaver area. In 2008 he also founded an IVI Project (ArCom-IVI) with an idea of combining In-Vehicle Infotainment components and backend systems integration (eg. SAP) via Web-Services using Qt as basis.

Privately passionate music listener and guitar player. He enjoys learning foreign languages and discovering new things in life. Loves sport, occasionally taking part in triathlon and other sport events.

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